Birbigs Understudy for The New One on Broadway

Unimaginable. hahahahahahha.
— Mike Birbiglia

Unfaced (United Solo Theatre Festival at Theatre Row and NY Winterfest at the Hudson Guild Theater)

Intrepid actress Maria DeCotis plays a bizarre host of characters worthy of an episode of Portlandia
— Time Out New York

Luna Gale (Stoneham Theatre)

"Maria DeCotis as Karlie runs a broad spectrum of emotions - flashes of irrational rage, panic, despair over recounting an incident of abuse, and an addict's inability to handle temptation. In many ways, she is as infantile as her young daughter whom she tries to re-acquire. Ms. DeCotis shows us vividly the hopeless complications of "babies having babies."

-The White Rhino Report (Dr. Al Chase)

"The interactions between young parents Karlie (Maria DeCotis) and Peter (Luke Murtha) are a highlight [...]"

-The Boston Globe (Jeremy D. Goodwin)

"That complements DeCotis’s desperate, at times almost feral, Karlie, whom we first see frantically shoving cheesecake and Skittles into her mouth in the ER waiting room."

-WBUR (Michael Lueger)

"Maria DeCotis vividly portrays Karlie [...]"

-Theatre Mirror (Sheila Barth)

Uncle Jack (Boston Center for American Performance)

"BU School of Theatre senior Maria DeCotis is a touchingly earnest Sonya, who puts some soul into songs self-accompanied on the ukulele."

-WBUR (Terry Byrne)

"When Elena confronts Sonia with the knowledge that Sonia is in love with Wolfe, DeCotis, as Sonia, fairly crumbles before our eyes."

"In a beautiful bonus, DeCotis and Spears provide a charming distraction during scene changes with solo snippets and duets on the ukulele. The music is plaintive and endearing, the perfect complement to the action on stage.

-The Boston Globe (Carolyn Clay)

"Maria DeCotis (Sonya) brings an insecure innocence and a sweet singing voice [...]"

-Broadway World (Nancy Grossman)

"Maria DeCotis' Sonya is as steady as the ground she treads [...]"

-The New England Theatre Geek (Danielle Rosvally)

Euphonia (Ornana Films)

"[...] grounding performances from Will Madden [...] and DeCotis (who has a young Natasha Lyonne thing going on) [...]"

"Will Madden and DeCotis are able to make it all look effortless. They have the kind of chemistry that starts laboratory fires, and both will have solid careers if they want them."

-Film School Rejects (Scott Beggs)

"The highlight of the performances is easily the chemistry demonstrated between Will Madden and Maria DeCotis as the young high-school students in the midst of a budding relationship. All the interactions between Will and Maria feel heartwarming and genuine and provide a nice counter to the main character’s tribulations facing a life with a distorted auditory perception."

-Film Pulse (Kevin Rakestraw)

"The relationship between the two leads works well also; it's engaging and believably awkward, and Madden and DeCotis are terrific in their roles. I hope to see more of them in the future."

-Slackerwood (Don Clinchy)